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Configuring Notification Service for JET Applications


In notification service, the application receives asynchronous notifications of events occurring on Junos OS.

Junos OS events are published with topics. Clients can subscribe to events they are interested in by using topics. Once a client subscribes, only the events matching the topic or topics are delivered to the client. This type of messaging requires a broker. The message broker is responsible for distributing messages to the subscribed clients based on the topic of a message.

The default behavior is to disallow all clients to connect to the broker. In order to allow clients to connect to the broker for notifications, users must configure the CLI allow-clients statement at the [edit system services extension-service notification] hierarchy level.

To configure a device to support notifications for JET applications:

  1. Enter the CLI and go to the [edit system services extension-service notification] hierarchy level.
  2. Configure the allow-clients statement.

    You can set a series of addresses at once:

  3. Configure the maximum connections.
  4. Configure the port number.

Following is the hierarchy for the system services extension-service notification configuration statement: