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Switching a Wavelength to an Optical Interface in the Same Chassis


This topic describes how to configure the IPLC to switch the wavelengths on the ADD and DROP ports to compatible optical interfaces on the local chassis.


For a list of compatible optical interfaces that are compatible with the IPLC ports, see PTX Series IPLC Compatibility.

Before you begin, complete the following tasks:

To configure the IPLC to add or drop a wavelength to an optical interface on the local chassis:

  1. Specify the slot of the local IPLC module and access the IPLC configuration hierarchy.

    For example, if the IPLC base module resides in slot 1:

  2. Specify the wavelength number and the name of the physical optical interface to which you want to switch the wavelength.

    For example, if you want to switch wavelength 1550.12 running on the local IPLC module in slot 1 to the optical interface in slot 3, PIC 0, port 0:

    This step creates the association between the wavelength on the IPLC and the local optical interface.

  3. Verify that the configuration is correct. For example:
  4. If the configuration is correct, save it.