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Configuring the IP Address of the Anchor IPLC


To enable optical supervisory channel (OSC) communications and manage optical inline amplifiers (ILA)s in the amplifier chain, you need to configure the IP address of both the anchor IPLC and the IPLC in the remote PTX3000 chassis. Use this procedure when you are using the PTX3000 integrated photonic line system with the optical ILA to enable OSC communication across the amplifier chain or to enable management of certain optical ILA parameters through the Junos OS CLI.


All IP addresses associated with the OSC and amplifier chain must be on the same, private subnet.


You must also configure the IP address on the IPLC module in the remote PTX3000 integrated photonic line system.

To configure the IP address of the IPLC OSC management interface:

  1. Specify the slot in which the IPLC resides and access the IPLC amplifier chain configuration hierarchy.

    For example:

  2. Specify the IP address for the IPLC OSC management interface.
  3. Verify the configuration.

  4. Save the configuration.