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Configuring T3 Interfaces on IQ and IQE Interfaces


To configure a T3 interface on an OC3 PIC, include the partition, oc-slice, and interface-type statements at the [edit interfaces coc3-fpc/pic/port] hierarchy level, specifying the coc1 interface type:

When you include the partition statement at the [edit interfaces coc3-fpc/pic/port] hierarchy level, the only configurable interface type is coc1. This configuration creates interface coc1-fpc/pic/port:channel.


Class-of-service (CoS) rules cannot be applied to an individual channel configured on channelized IQ interfaces. You can only apply CoS rules to the aggregate bit streams.

Then, include the no-partition interface-type statement at the [edit interfaces coc1-fpc/pic/port:channel] hierarchy level, specifying the t3 interface type:

This configuration creates interface t3-fpc/pic/port:channel.

Example: Configuring T3 Interfaces

Configure a T3 interface using partition 3 and OC slice 3. This configuration creates interface t3-1/1/0:3.