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Configuring T3 HDLC Payload Scrambling


T3 HDLC payload scrambling, which is disabled by default, provides better link stability. Both sides of a connection must either use or not use scrambling.

On a channelized OC12 interface, the SONET payload-scrambler statement is ignored. To configure scrambling on the DS3 channels on the interface, you can include the t3-options payload-scrambler statement at the [edit interfaces interface-name t3-options] hierarchy level for each DS3 channel.

If you enable HDLC payload scrambling on a T3 interface, you must also configure the interface to be compatible with the channel service unit (CSU) at the remote end of the line before you commit the interface configuration. For information about subrating a T3 interface, see Configuring the T3 CSU Compatibility Mode.

To explicitly disable HDLC payload scrambling, include the no-payload-scrambler statement at the [edit interfaces interface-name t3-options] hierarchy level:

To disable payload scrambling again (return to the default), delete the payload-scrambler statement from the configuration:

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