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Configuring IS-IS or MPLS Traffic for TCC Interfaces


Layer 2.5 VPNs on T Series, M120, MX Series, and M320 routers support IPv4, IS-IS, and MPLS traffic types. By default, IPv4 traffic runs on T Series, M120, MX Series, and M320 routers and over TCC interfaces. To configure IS-IS (ISO traffic) or MPLS traffic on Layer 2.5 VPNs, you must configure the same traffic type on both ends of the Layer 2.5 VPN.


Some platform and FPC combinations can not pass TCC encapsulated ISO traffic. See Platforms/FPCs That Cannot Forward TCC Encapsulated ISO Traffic for details.

To specify which traffic can run over a TCC interface, include the protocols statement with the appropriate value (inet, mpls, and iso) at the [edit interfaces interface-name unit logical-unit-number family tcc] hierarchy level:


Layer 2.5 VPNs running on M Series Multiservice Edge Routers support only IPv4 traffic. IPv6 is not supported on Layer 2.5 VPNs.

When enabling ISO over a Layer 2.5 VPN that is configured on a CE Ethernet interface, you must also include the point-to-point statement at the [edit protocols isis interface interface-name] hierarchy level:

For more information about Layer 2.5 VPNs, see the Junos OS VPNs Library for Routing Devices and the Translational Cross-Connect and Layer 2.5 VPNs Feature Guide.