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Configuring the Failure Notification Protocol


This topic describes how to configure the Ethernet Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OAM) Failure Notification Protocol (FNP) on MX Series routers. The FNP detects link failures in a Carrier Ethernet network and broadcasts FNP messages when a failure occurs to all nodes affected by the link failure. To configure FNP functionality, include the fnp statement at the [edit protocols oam ethernet] hierarchy level:

The interval statement specifies the time between the transmission of FNP messages. You can specify 10 minutes (10m), 1 minute (1m), 10 seconds (10s), 1 second (1s), and 100 milliseconds (100ms). The loss-threshold statement specifies how many FNP messages can be lost before the FNP message is considered aged out and flushed. You must include the interface interface-name statement with the domain-id domain-id statement. The domain-id statement specifies a domain ID for the route. FNP messages can be received and processed on MX Series routers, but generating FNP messages is not supported.

The show oam ethernet fnp interface, show oam ethernet fnp status, and show oam ethernet fnp messages operational commands display the configured information.

FNP can be enabled only on logical interfaces that are part of a VPLS routing instance, and none of the logical interfaces in the VPLS routing instance should have CCM configured. FNP can be enabled on only one logical interface per physical interface.