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Configuring E3 and T3 Parameters on ATM Interfaces


For ATM1 and ATM2 IQ interfaces, you can configure ATM E3 and T3 interfaces by including the following statements at the [edit interfaces at-fpc/pic/port ] hierarchy level:

The following options and default values differ from those described in E3 Interfaces Overview and T3 Interfaces Overview:

  • atm-encapsulation—PLCP is the default value. The E3 line-format option g.832 supports the direct ATM-encapsulation option only.

  • buildout—The default value is 10 feet. The number of feet can be any integer value. The range is from 0 through 450 feet (about 137 meters).

  • cbit-parity—The default option is to enable cbit parity.

  • framing—There is no default option for E3 interfaces; T3 interfaces use the cbit-parity statement in place of the framing statement.

  • loopback—By default, loopback is disabled.

  • payload-scrambler—The default option is to enable payload scrambling.

In addition, the ATM E3 and T3 PICs support the clocking statement at the interface level, as do the SONET/SDH PICs. For more information about E3- and T3-specific parameters, see E3 Interfaces Overview and T3 Interfaces Overview.


You must configure all the ports on an ATM E3 or T3 PIC with the same framing and encapsulation. Otherwise, the system will set all the ports on the PIC to the slowest framing and encapsulating configuration. For ATM T3, this is PLCP. For ATM E3, this is G.751 PLCP.