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Configuring ATM Mode on the PIM


You can configure only one mode on each 2-port SHDSL PIM.

The two-wire mode supports autodetection of the line rate or fixed line rate and network speeds from 192 Kbps to 2.3 Kbps in 64-Kbps increments.

For information about configuring Annex A or Annex B, see Configuring SHDSL Operating Mode on an ATM Physical Interface.

To configure the ATM mode for SHDSL, include the pic-mode statement at the [edit chassis fpc fpc-number pic 0 shdsl] hierarchy level:

The default is 2-wire (two-port ATM) mode. To set the default explicitly, specify the 2-port-atm option. For 4-wire (single-port ATM) mode, specify the 1-port-atm option.

For more information about configuring the pic-mode statement, see the Junos OS Administration Library. For information about configuring the ATM mode, see the Junos OS Interfaces and Routing Configuration Guide.