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Enabling a JET Application Configuration on a Device Running Junos OS


The configuration described in this topic is required to enable the JET application to run on a device running Junos OS.

To enable a signed JET application to run on a device running Junos OS:

  1. Go to the [edit system extensions extension-service application] CLI hierarchy level.
  2. Configure the application script name.
  3. (Optional) Configure the arguments and daemonize statements.

    Use the arguments statement when you need to pass arguments to the application.

    Use the daemonize statement when you want the application to run as a background process. This means that once committed, the daemonize application is started automatically, with no manual intervention required.

  4. (Optional) Configure the username statement.

    Use the username statement to set a user name under which the script will run. This allows the script to run with the privileges of the specified user. If not set, the script runs with the privileges of the nobody user.

  5. Commit.

Once you commit, you will have the following configuration: