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Configuring a Dynamic Flow Capture Interface on an M, MX or T Series Router


You specify the interface that interacts with the control sources configured in the same dynamic flow capture group. A Monitoring Services III PIC can belong to only one capture group, and you can configure only one PIC for each group.

To configure a dynamic flow capture interface, include the interfaces statement at the [edit services dynamic-flow-capture] hierarchy level:

You specify dynamic flow capture interfaces using the dfc- identifier at the [edit interfaces] hierarchy level. Three logical units are required on each dynamic flow capture interface, numbered 0, 1, and 2. You cannot configure any other logical interfaces.

  • unit 0 processes control protocol requests and responses.

  • unit 1 receives monitored data.

  • unit 2 transmits the matched packets to the destination address.

The following example shows the configuration necessary to set up a dynamic flow capture interface:

In addition, you must configure the dynamic flow capture application to run on the DFC PIC in the correct chassis location. The following example shows this configuration at the [edit chassis] hierarchy level:

For more information on configuring chassis properties, see the Junos System Basics Configuration Guide.