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    Configuring a Firewall Filter for Active Flow Monitoring Version 9

    A firewall filter identifies the traffic flows that need to be sampled and processed by the CSE2000. The first step in active flow monitoring is to configure the match conditions for acceptable traffic. Common match actions for active flow monitoring include sample and accept. To configure the firewall filter, include the desired action statements and a counter as part of the then statement in a firewall filter and apply the filter to an interface.

    During sampling, the router reviews a portion of the traffic and sends reports about this sample to the flow monitoring server. Accepted traffic is forwarded to the intended destination.

    To configure the firewall filter:

    1. Include the filter statement and specify the name of the filter at the [edit firewall] hierarchy level.
      [edit firewall]user@host# set family (inet | inet6 | mpls) filter filter-name
    2. Configure the match conditions by using the term statement and specifying the name of the match condition at the [edit firewall family (inet | inet6 | mpls) filter filter-name] hierarchy level.
      [edit firewall family (inet | inet6 | mpls) filter filter-name]user@host# set term term-name from match-conditions then action
    3. Apply the firewall filter to the set of media interfaces where traffic flow needs to be sampled at the [edit interfaces interface-name] hierarchy level.
      [edit interfaces interface-name]user@host# set family (inet | inet6 | mpls) filter input filter-name

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    Modified: 2017-01-18