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Setting the Maximum Number of FIP Login Sessions per FC Interface


When the switch acts as an FCoE-FC gateway, NP_Ports are the native FC interfaces the gateway uses to connect to the FC switch. You can limit the maximum number of FIP login sessions permitted on an NP_Port interface. Limiting the number of login sessions on an interface can prevent login session rejections caused when the connected FC switch port configuration limits the number of FIP login sessions.


A good practice is to configure a maximum number of login sessions on each NP_Port that is less than or equal to the maximum number of login sessions permitted on the connected FC switch port.

The maximum number of FIP sessions is 2500 sessions. (This is the combined total of all VN2VF_Port and VN2VN_Port sessions on the system.)

There are also configurable FIP login session limits that you can apply to the gateway FC fabric, to the QFX3500 switch or QFabric system Node device, and to the ENodes in each FC fabric. To prevent unexpected FIP login rejections, the sum of the maximum FIP login sessions on all of the NP_Port interfaces that belong to an FC fabric should not exceed the maximum number of sessions the FC fabric supports or the device supports.

  • To set a maximum number of FIP login sessions on an NP_Port using the CLI:

    [edit fc-fabrics fc-fabric-name interface interface-name]

    user@switch# set max-login-sessions max-login-sessions

    For example, to configure NP_Port interface fc-0/0/5 with a maximum FIP login session limit of 500 sessions on an FC fabric named sanfab1:

    [edit fc-fabrics sanfab1]

    user@switch# set interface fc-0/0/5 max-login-sessions 500