Configure a Static Address Resolution Protocol Table Entry



Configure a static Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) entry to allow a packet to be sent out of a looped Ethernet interface.


Remove the static ARP entry at the end of the loop test after you have completed the tests and monitored interface traffic.


To configure a static ARP table entry for a Gigabit Ethernet interface, follow these steps. You can follow the same procedure to configure a static ARP entry for a Fast Ethernet interface.

  1. Find the Media Access Control (MAC) address for the Gigabit Ethernet interface:

    user@host> show interfaces ge-fpc/pic/port

  2. In configuration mode, go to the following hierarchy level:

  3. Configure the static ARP entry:

  4. Commit the configuration:

  5. Verify that the static ARP entry is installed:


The sample output is for Step 1 through Step 6 and shows that a static ARP entry was configured on Gigabit Ethernet interface ge-4/0/6.