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    Configuring MEP Interfaces to Support Delay Measurement

    Before you can start an Ethernet frame delay measurement (ETH-DM) session across an Ethernet service, you must configure two ACX Series routers to support ETH-DM.

    To configure an Ethernet interface on a ACX Series router to support ETH-DM:

    1. On each router, configure two physical or logical Ethernet interfaces connected by a VLAN. The following configuration is typical for single-tagged logical interfaces:

      [edit interfaces]
      interface {
      ethernet-interface-name {
      unit logical-unit-number {
      vlan-id vlan-id; # Both interfaces on this VLAN
      Both interfaces will use the same VLAN ID.
    2. On each router, attach peer MEPs to the two interfaces. The following configuration is typical:

      [edit protocols]
      oam {
      maintenance-domain md-name { # On both routers
      level number;
      maintenance-association ma-name { # On both routers
      interval 100ms;
      hold-interval 1;
      mep mep-id { # Attach to VLAN interface
      direction (up | down);
      interface interface-name;
      priority number;

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    Modified: 2013-12-11