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Configuring Enhanced Orchestration and Hugepages


Enhanced orchestration mode enables you to easily manage VNFs and service chains without requiring the VNF XML descriptor files. By default, this mode is ON and this is the recommended mode.

To enable enhanced orchestration:


Ensure that you reboot the system after enabling the enhanced orchestration mode.

You can reserve the required number of hugepages based on the memory required by the VNF. To do so:

user@jdm# set system memory hugepages page-size page-size page-count page-count

Page-size and page-count values depends on the size and total number of hugepages required by all the VNFs that will be launched in the system. Since system memory may be already fragmented, it is recommended that you reboot the system to pre-allocate hugepages during bootup.


Ensure that you reboot the system after reserving hugepages.

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