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    Configuring the Severity Level to Filter Which Extended DHCP Messages Are Logged

    The messages associated with a logged event are categorized according to severity level. You can use the severity level to determine which messages are logged for the event type. A low severity level is less restrictive—filters out fewer messages—than a higher level. When you configure a severity level, all messages at that level and all higher (more restrictive) levels are logged.

    The following list presents severity levels in order from lowest (least restrictive) to highest (most restrictive). This order also represents the significance of the messages; for example, error messages are of greater concern than info messages.

    • verbose
    • info
    • notice
    • warning
    • error

    The severity level that you configure depends on the issue that you are trying to resolve. In some cases you might be interested in seeing all messages relevant to the logged event, so you specify all. You can also specify verbose with the same result, because verbose is the lowest (least restrictive) severity level; it has nothing to do with the terseness or verbosity of the messages. Either choice generates a large amount of output. You can specify a more restrictive severity level, such as notice or info to filter the messages. By default, the trace operation output includes only messages with a severity level of error.

    DHCP local server supports the level option for the traceoptions statement and the interface-traceoptions statement. To configure the flags for the events to be logged:

    • Specify the severity level for global tracing operations.
      [edit system processes dhcp-service traceoptions]
      user@host# set level severity
    • Specify the severity level for per-interface tracing operations.
      [edit system processes dhcp-service interface-traceoptions]
      user@host# set level severity

    Modified: 2017-09-13