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    Enabling Processing of Client Information Requests

    By default, DHCP local server do not respond to information request messages from the client. You can enable DHCP local server to process these messages and respond to them with an acknowledgment (ack or reply message, respectively) and the requested information.

    Configure one or more local address pools. See Configuring an Address-Assignment Pool Name and Addresses. For processing information request messages, the address configuration is not necessary. For DHCP local server, you must specify the IPv4 family.

    See Configuring DHCP Client-Specific Attributes for details about how to configure the information sought by clients that send information request messages.

    To enable processing of DHCP client information request messages:

    1. Specify that you want to configure override options.
      [edit system services dhcp-local-server overrides]
      user@host# set process-inform
    2. (Optional) Specify a pool name from which DHCP information is returned to the client.
      [edit system services dhcp-local-server overrides process-inform]
      user@host# set pool pool-name

    In a routing instance, you can enable processing of DHCP client information request messages at the [edit routing-instances routing-instance-name system services dhcp-local-server overrides] hierarchy level.

    Modified: 2017-09-13