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Configuring Interoperability Between MX Series Routers and OpenDaylight


OpenDaylight (ODL ), hosted by the Linux Foundation, is an open source platform for network programmability aimed at enhancing software-defined networking (SDN).

Starting from the Junos OS Release 17.3R1, you can configure interoperability between MX Series routers and the ODL controller. ODL provides a southbound Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) connector API, which uses NETCONF and YANG models, to interact with a network device. A southbound interface, an OpenFlow (or alternative) protocol specification, enables communication between ODL and routers or switches. Once this feature is implemented on an MX Series router, you can use the ODL platform to carry out any configuration change in the routers, orchestrate and provision the router, and execute Remote Procedure Calls (RPCs) to the router to get state information.

Setting up interoperability between ODL and an MX Series router involves the following tasks:

Configuring NETCONF on the MX Series Router

As a prerequisite for configuring interoperability between ODL and MX Series router, you must configure NETCONF on the router. NETCONF is used by the ODL controller to interact with southbound devices.

To configure NETCONF in the router:

  1. Enable access to the NETCONF SSH subsystem.


    user@host# set system services netconf ssh

  2. Set the NETCONF server to enforce certain behaviors that are compliant with RFC 4741, NETCONF Configuration Protocol, during NETCONF sessions.


    user@host# set system services netconf rfc-compliant

  3. Use the yang-compliant configure the system to prevent exporting any hidden or unsupported configuration hierarchies in get-config RPC output. This output gives the details of current configuration on the network device.


    user@host# set system services netconf yang-compliant

  4. Commit the changes.


    user@host# commit

Configuring NETCONF Trace Options

After you configure NETCONF on the router, you need to configure NETCONF Trace options, by using the traceoptions statement. To know more about NETCONF and Junos XML protocol tracing operations, read this article.

To configure NETCONF trace options:

  1. Configure the details of the file to receive the output of the tracing operation. You can configure the file name, maximum file size, and flags to indicate tracing operations, by using the following statements:


    user@host# set system services netconf traceoptions file file name

    user@host# set system services netconf traceoptions file size size

    user@host# set system services netconf traceoptions flag flag

    user@host# commit

To know more on how to configure tracing operations for NETCONF and Junos XML protocol sessions, see this example.

Connecting ODL to MX Series Router

After NETCONF is configured on the MX Series router, you need to connect the ODL controller to the router to complete the process. For more details on this, see this ODL documentation.