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Configuring the LTE Interface Module in an NFX150 Chassis Cluster


An NFX150 chassis cluster supports two cl interfaces, cl-1/1/0 (primary node) and cl-8/1/0 (secondary node). For information about an NFX150 chassis cluster, see Chassis Cluster on NFX150 Devices.

To configure the LTE modules in a chassis cluster:

  1. Configure the dialer interface (dl0):

    Sample configuration for the dl0 interface:

  2. Configure the LTE interface (cl-1/1/0) on the primary node:
    1. Configure the dialer pool for the LTE physical interface:

    2. Specify the priority for the interface. The interface with the higher priority becomes the active interface.

    3. Configure the profile:

    4. Verify that the profile is configured successfully:

    5. Activate the SIM card:

    6. Select the profile and configure the radio access type for the SIM card:


      If a SIM card is installed in the second slot, then select the profile and configure the radio access type for the SIM card in the second slot as well.

    Sample configuration for the cl-1/1/0 interface:

  3. Repeat Step 2 to configure the LTE interface (cl-8/1/0) for the secondary node.

    If you assign the same priority to both interfaces, then the interface that is listed first in the configuration becomes the active interface.

    To verify which interface is the active interface:

    Sample configuration for the cl-8/1/0 interface:

  4. Verify the status of the wireless network and dialer interface:

    By default, the time interval taken to switch to the secondary cl interface when the active cl interface times out is 120 seconds. You can change the time interval by configuring the redial-delay option: