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    Configuring the Power-On Sequence for FPCs on T640, T1600, and T4000 Routers

    Starting with Junos OS Release 12.3, you can configure the power-on sequence for the Flexible PIC Concentrators (FPCs) on T640, T1600, and T4000 routers. This configuration enables you to redistribute the available power to the FPCs on the basis of your requirements and the calculated power consumption of the FPCs.

    To configure the power-on sequence:

    1. At the [edit chassis] hierarchy level, configure the fru-poweron-sequence statement indicating the order in which the FPCs need to be powered on.
      [edit chassis]user@host# set fru-poweron-sequence fru-poweron-sequence

      For example:

      [edit chassis]user@host# set fru-poweron-sequence “0 2 1”
    2. Verify the configuration by using the show command at the [edit chassis] hierarchy level:
      [edit chassis]
      user@host# show
      fru-poweron-sequence "0 2 1";


    • If the configured sequence contains invalid numbers, Junos OS considers only the valid numbers in the sequence. The invalid numbers are silently discarded.
    • If the power-on sequence is not configured by including the fru-poweron-sequence statement, Junos OS uses the ascending order of the slot numbers of the FPCs as the sequence to power on the FPCs.

    Modified: 2016-06-09