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    Configuring the Junos OS to Enable Service Packages on Adaptive Services Interfaces

    For Adaptive Services (AS) PICs, MultiServices PICs, and the internal Adaptive Services Module (ASM) in the M7i platform, there are two service packages: Layer 2 and Layer 3. Both service packages are supported on all adaptive services interfaces, but you can enable only one service package per PIC, with the exception of the combined package supported on the ASM. On a single router, you can enable both service packages by installing two or more PICs on the platform.

    You enable service packages per PIC, not per port. For example, if you configure the Layer 2 service package, the entire PIC uses the configured package. To enable a service package, include the service-package statement at the [edit chassis fpc slot-number pic pic-number adaptive-services] hierarchy level, and specify layer-2 or layer-3:

    [edit chassis fpc slot-number pic pic-number adaptive-services]
    service-package (layer-2 | layer-3);

    To determine which package an AS PIC supports, issue the show chassis hardware command: if the PIC supports the Layer 2 package, it is listed as Link Services II, and if it supports the Layer 3 package, it is listed as Adaptive Services II. To determine which package a MultiServices PIC supports, issue the show chassis pic fpc-slot slot-number pic-slot slot-number command. The Package field displays the value layer-2 or layer-3.

    Note: The ASM has a default option that combines the features available in the Layer 2 and Layer 3 service packages.

    After you commit a change in the service package, the PIC is taken offline and then brought back online immediately. You do not need to manually take the PIC offline and online.

    Note: Changing the service package causes all state information associated with the previous service package to be lost. You should change the service package only when there is no active traffic going to the PIC.

    The services supported in each package differ by PIC and platform type.

    Modified: 2017-09-13