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Configuring Single-Level Channels on a Channelized IQ Interface


You can subdivide a channelized interface directly into a set of large end channels. To configure part of a channelized IQ interface as a channel, include the partition statement at the [edit interfaces cxx-fpc/pic/port] hierarchy level. On a channelized OC12 IQ interface, use the oc-slice option to create slice sizes corresponding to the desired bandwidth. On a channelized E1 IQ interface, use the timeslots option to define NxDS0 channels or channel groups. On all channelized IQ interfaces, use the interface-type option to set the interface type (such as SONET OC3 or T3). Once the channel interfaces are established, you can configure them the same way as regular interfaces.


One oc-slice in a channelized OC12 IQ interface partition is equivalent to one OC1/DS3-sized channel. If you add three slices together in sequence as a triplet, these pieces become an OC3-sized interface. However, you can configure triplets only with the following sequential slices: 1–3, 4–6, 7–9, 10–12.