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xnm:error (Junos XML)



Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 7.4.


Indicate that the commit script has detected an error in the configuration and has caused the commit operation to fail. The child tag elements described in the Contents section detail the nature of the error.


xmlnsNames the XML namespace for the contents of the tag element. The value is a URL of the form, where version is a string such as 1.1.
xmlns:xnmNames the XML namespace for child tag elements that have the xnm: prefix on their names. The value is a URL of the form, where version is a string such as 1.1.
<column>Identifies the element that caused the error by specifying its position as the number of characters after the first character in the line specified by the <line-number> tag element in the configuration file that was being loaded (which is named in the <filename> tag element).
<database-status-information>Provides information about the users currently editing the configuration.
<edit-path>Specifies the command-line interface (CLI) configuration mode edit path in effect when the error occurred (provided only during loading of a configuration file).
<filename>Names the configuration file that was being loaded.
<line-number>Specifies the line number where the error occurred in the configuration file that was being loaded, which is named by the <filename> tag element.
<message>Describes the error in a natural-language text string.
<parse/>Indicates that there was a syntactic error in the request submitted by the client application.
<re-name>Names the Routing Engine on which the <source-daemon> is running.
<reason>Describes the reason for the error.
<source-daemon>Names the Junos OS module that was processing the request in which the error occurred.
<statement>Specifies the configuration statement in effect when the problem occurred.
<token>Names the element in the request that caused the error.

Usage Guidelines

See Generating a Custom Warning, Error, or System Log Message in Commit Scripts.

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