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Release Information

Statement introduced in version 1.1 of the SLAX language, which is supported in Junos OS Release 12.2 and later releases.


Add the attributes in the attribute set to the current element. The use-attribute-sets statement can be used under the attribute‑set, copy‑node, and element statements, as well as under a normal element.


attribute-set-nameName of the attribute set, which is defined using an attribute-set statement.

SLAX Example

The following example creates two attribute sets: table-attributes and table-attributes-ext. The table-attributes-ext set includes all of the attributes that are already defined in the table-attributes set through use of the use-attributes-sets statement. In the main script body, the table-attributes-ext attribute set is applied to the <table> element. The <table> element includes the four attributes: order, cellpadding, cellspacing, and border.