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The message-source Field on a Single-Chassis System


The format of the message-source field in a message on a single-chassis system depends on whether the message was generated on the local Routing Engine or the other Routing Engine (on a system with two Routing Engines installed and operational). Messages from the other Routing Engine appear only if its configuration includes the other-routing-engine statement at the [edit system syslog host] hierarchy level.

  • When the local Routing Engine generated the message, there are two subfields:

  • When the other Routing Engine generated the message, there are three subfields:

hostname is the hostname of the local Routing Engine.

process[process-ID] is the name and PID of the process that generated the message. If the reX field also appears, the process is running on the other Routing Engine. If a process does not report its PID, the [process-ID] part does not appear.

reX indicates that the other Routing Engine generated the message (X is 0 or 1).