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Interpreting Messages Generated in Standard Format by Services on a PIC


Standard-format system log messages generated by services on a PIC, such as the Adaptive Services (AS) PIC, have the following syntax:


System logging for services on PICs is not configured at the [edit system syslog] hierarchy level as discussed in this chapter. For configuration information, see the Junos Services Interfaces Configuration Guide.

The (FPC Slot fpc-slot, PIC Slot pic-slot) field appears only when the standard system logging utility that runs on the Routing Engine writes the messages to the system log. When the PIC writes the message directly, the field does not appear.

Table 1 describes the message fields.

Table 1: Fields in Messages Generated by a PIC



Time at which the message was logged.


Slot number of the Flexible PIC Concentrator (FPC) that houses the PIC that generated the message.


Number of the PIC slot on the FPC in which the PIC that generated the message resides.


Name of the service set that generated the message.


Code representing the service that generated the message. The codes include the following:

  • FWNAT—Network Address Translation (NAT) service

  • IDS—Intrusion detection service


A text string that appears if the configuration for the PIC includes the log-prefix statement at the [edit interfaces interface-name services-options syslog] hierarchy level. For more information, see the Junos Services Interfaces Configuration Guide.


Text string that uniquely identifies the message, in all uppercase letters and using the underscore (_) to separate words. The tag name begins with a prefix that indicates the generating PIC. The entries in this reference are ordered alphabetically by this prefix.


Text of the message. For the text of each message, see System Log Messages.