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Displaying and Interpreting System Log Message Descriptions


This reference lists the messages available at the time of its publication. To display the list of messages that applies to the version of Junos OS that is running on a routing platform, enter the Junos OS CLI operational mode and issue the following command:

To display the list of available descriptions for tags whose names begin with a specific character string, substitute the string (in all capital letters) for the variable TAG-PREFIX (there is no space between the prefix and the question mark):

To display the complete descriptions for tags whose name includes a regular expression, substitute a Perl-based expression for the variable regex. The match is not case-sensitive. For information about Perl-based regular expressions, consult a Perl reference manual or website such as

To display the complete description of a particular message, substitute its name for the variable TAG (in all capital letters):

Table 1 describes the fields in a system log message description in this reference or in the CLI.

Table 1: Fields in System Log Message Descriptions

Field Name in ReferenceField Name in CLIDescription


The message tag in all capital letters.

System Log Message


Text of the message written to the system log. In the log, a specific value is substituted for each variable that appears in italics in this reference or in angle brackets (<>) in the CLI.

In this reference, the message text appears on the second line of the System Log Message field. The first line is the message tag (the same text as in the CLI Name field). The prefix on each tag identifies the message source and the rest of the tag indicates the specific event or error.


Short description of the message, which also appears in the right-hand column of CLI output for the help syslog command when the output lists multiple messages.



More detailed explanation of the message.



Category to which the message belongs:

  • Error: The message reports an error or failure condition that might require corrective action.

  • Event: The message reports a condition or occurrence that does not generally require corrective action.



Message severity level as described in Table: System Log Message Severity Levels in Specifying the Facility and Severity of Messages to Include in the Log.



(Optional) Possible cause for message generation. There can be more than one cause.



(Optional) Action you can perform to resolve the error or failure condition described in the message. If this field does not appear in an entry, either no action is required or the action is self-explanatory.