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Next Gen Services on Junos node slicing


Junos node slicing supports MX-SPC3 Services Card, a security services card that provides additional processing power to run the Next Gen Services on the MX platforms. You can enable Next Gen Services at guest network function (GNF), by using the CLI request system enable unified-services at GNF. To support an MX-SPC3, a GNF must have a line card associated with it.

In a Junos node slicing setup, you can use both MX-SPC3 and MS-MPC on the same chassis but on different GNF Routing Engines. If you have enabled Next Gen Services at GNF, by using request system enable unified-services, the MX-SPC3 comes online. If you have not enabled Next Gen Services, the MS-MPC comes online.

The software installation or upgrade of an MX-SPC3 card happens when you install or upgrade the associated GNF Routing Engine.


The MX-SPC3 does not support abstracted fabric interfaces. Therefore, a GNF that has an MX-SPC3 card linked to it must also have a line card associated with it.