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    J-Web Ping MPLS Results and Output Summary

    Table 1 summarizes the output in the ping MPLS display.

    Table 1: J-Web Ping MPLS Results and Output Summary



    Exclamation point (!)

    Echo reply was received.

    Period (.)

    Echo reply was not received within the timeout period.


    Echo reply was received with an error code. Errored packets are not counted in the received packets count and are accounted for separately.

    number packets transmitted

    number—Number of ping requests (probes) sent to a host.

    number packets received

    number—Number of ping responses received from a host.

    percentage packet loss

    percentage—Number of ping responses divided by the number of ping requests, specified as a percentage.


    For Layer 2 circuits only, the number of milliseconds required for the ping packet to reach the destination. This value is approximate, because the packet has to reach the Routing Engine.

    If the device does not receive ping responses from the destination host (the output shows a packet loss of 100 percent), one of the following explanations might apply:

    • The host is not operational.
    • There are network connectivity problems between the device and the host.
    • The host might be configured to ignore echo requests.
    • The host might be configured with a firewall filter that blocks echo requests or echo responses.
    • The size of the echo request packet exceeds the MTU of a host along the path.
    • The outbound node at the remote endpoint is not configured to handle MPLS packets.
    • The remote endpoint's loopback address is not configured to

    Modified: 2017-09-13