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    J-Web Commit Options Guidelines

    Using the J-Web Commit Preference, you can configure the commit options either to commit all global configurations together or to commit each configuration change immediately. Do one of the following to commit a configuration:

    • Set Commit Preference to Validate and commit configuration changes, and then click OK.
    • Set Commit Preference to Validate configuration changes, click OK to check your configuration and save it as a candidate configuration, and then click Commit Options>Commit.

    For example, suppose you want to delete a firewall and add a new one.

    • If Commit Preference is set to Validate and commit configuration changes, then you would need to commit your changes twice for each action.
    • If Commit Preference is set to Validate configuration changes, then you work in a copy of the current configuration to create a candidate configuration. The changes you make to the candidate configuration are visible through the user interface immediately, allowing other users to edit those configurations, but the changes do not take effect on the device platform until you commit them. When you commit the configuration, the candidate file is checked for proper syntax, activated, and marked as the current, operational software configuration file. If multiple users are editing the configuration when you commit the candidate configuration, changes made by all the users take effect.

    You use the single commit feature to commit all your configurations in J-Web simultaneously. This helps to reduce the time J-Web takes to commit configurations because when changes are committed at every step, rollback configurations pile up quickly.

    Note: If you end a session with a particular Commit Preference, the subsequent sessions for that particular browser will automatically come up with the preference you previously selected. If you start the subsequent session on a different browser, the session will come up with the default commit preference.

    Note: There are some pages whose configurations would need to be committed immediately. For such pages, even if you configure the commit options to perform a single global commit for them, the system displays appropriate information notification windows to remind you to commit your changes immediately. Examples of such pages are Switching, Interfaces, and Class of Service.

    Modified: 2017-09-13