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Resolved Issues


This section lists the issues fixed in Junos OS Release 20.3R1 for MX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Application Layer Gateways (ALGs)

  • The srxpfe or mspmand process might crash if FTPS is enabled in a specific scenario. PR1510678

Class of Service (CoS)

  • The following error message is observed: GENCFG write failed (op, minor_type) = (delete, Scheduler map definition) for tbl id 2 ifl 0 TABLE Reason: No such file or directory. PR1476531

  • The MX Series routers with MPC1 Q and MPC2 Q line cards might report memory errors. PR1500250


  • When a dynamic list next hop is referenced by more than one route, it might result in an early deletion of the next hop from the kernel, thereby assigning the NH index as 0 (Next hop type: Dynamic List, next hop index: 0" in the output of the show route command). This would not result in a crash, but an early delete from kernel. As a workaround, restarting the routing solves the issue and the NH index gets reassigned properly. PR1477140

  • The ARP resolution to the gateway IRB address fails if decapsulate-accept-inner-vlan or encapsulate-inner-vlan is configured. PR1526618

  • The rpd process might crash when auto-service-id is configured in the EVPN-VPWS scenario. PR1530991

  • The rpd process might generate a core file when the Routing Engine switches over after disabling the BGP protocol globally. PR1490953

  • VXLAN bridge domain might lose the VTEP logical interface after restarting chassisd. PR1495098

  • The VXLAN function might be broken due to a timing issue. PR1502357

  • The MAC address of the LT interface might not be installed in the EVPN database. PR1503657

  • Configuring the proxy-macip-advertisement command for EVPN-MPLS leads to functionality breakage. PR1506343

  • With the EVPN-VXLAN configurations, the IRB MAC does not get removed from the route table after disabling IRB. PR1510954

  • ARP might break when multicast snooping is enabled in EVPN for the VLAN-based and VLAN-bundle service scenarios. PR1515927

  • Unable to create a new VTEP interface. PR1520078

  • Packets might not be sent out of the IRB interface if there is no Layer 2 interface in the associated bridge-domains. PR1498534

Forwarding and Sampling

  • UTC timestamp is used in the flat-file-accounting files when a profile is configured. PR1509467

  • DHCP subscribers might get stuck in the Terminated state for around 5 minutes after disabling the cascade ports. PR1505409

General Routing

  • The show security group-vpn member IPsec security-associations detail | display xml command is not in the expected format. PR1349963

  • Constant memory leak might lead to FPC memory exhaustion. PR1381527

  • The chassisd might crash due to hardware-database errors. PR1383246

  • On the MX2000, the following error message might be observed if the MPC7 line card is offline when Routing Engine switchover occurs: Failed to get xfchip. PR1388076

  • After an MX Series router with the JNP10K-LC2101 line card is powered on, a voltage of 1345-1348 mV is read for about 20 seconds, which gets stabilized to 1493 mV. During this period, the FPC x Voltage Tolerance Exceeded major alarm is raised. PR1415671

  • The following Error messages are observed on the MPC card in the manual mode: clksync_as_evaluate_synce_ref: 362 - Failed to configure clk. PR1490138

  • FPC might crash after GRES when committing changes in the firewall filter with the next term statements in a subscriber scenario. PR1421541

  • The RPD scheduler slips might be seen upon executing the show route resolution extensive | no-more command if the number of routes in the system is large (several millions). PR1425515

  • Layer 2 over GRE is not supported in Junos OS Release 19.3R1. Even though, the configuration gets committed, the feature does not work. PR1435855

  • The MPC9E line card does not get offline due to unreachable destinations in the phase 3 stage. PR1443803

  • FEC statistics are not reset after changing the FEC mode. PR1449088

  • When an M-VLAN interface (OIF map) is changed, the existing multicast subscribers with membership reports in place experience loss of multicast traffic till traffic is forwarded to the new OIF map. For example, a new M-VLAN interface. PR1452644

  • Interfaces shut down by the disable-pfe action might not come up when you use the MIC offline or online command. PR1453433

  • The FPC or the Packet Forwarding Engine might crash with the ATM MIC installed in the FPC. PR1453893

  • Application and removal of 1-Gbps speed results in the channel being down. PR1456105

  • In the MVPN instance, the traffic drops on multicast receivers within the range of 0.1 to 0.9 percent. PR1460471

  • The bbe-smgd process generates core files on the backup Routing Engine. PR1466118

  • With the BGP rib-sharding and update-threading, traffic drops 100 percent in the BGP Layer 3 VPN streams, post the removal or restoration configuration. PR1469873

  • The following syslog message are observed: fpcX user.notice logrotate: ALERT exited abnormally with [1]. PR1471006

  • When you reboot the external server, the SNMP values configured within the /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file at the server get overwritten with the content from the JDM SNMP configuration section. The trap configuration changes get completely removed. Restarting or stopping and starting JDM does not change the host /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf file. Only system reboot of the server occurs. PR1474349

  • The kmd process might crash in a specific simultaneous rekey scenario. PR1474797

  • The following error log messages are observed: chassisd[7836]: %DAEMON-3-CHASSISD_IOCTL_FAILURE: acb_get_fpga_rev: unable to get FPGA revision for Control Board (Inappropriate ioctl for device) after every commit. PR1477941

  • The cpcdd process might generate core file after upgrading to Junos OS Release 19.4 and later. PR1527602

  • The ukern-platformd process might crash on the MX2000 router with the MPC11 line card. PR1478243

  • Interface traffic statistics in the show interface command might display incorrect values for a LAG with the MPC10 or MPC11 line card child links. PR1478540

  • All PPPoE subscribers might not log in after FPC restarts. PR1479099

  • Fabric healing logic incorrectly makes all MPC line cards go offline in the MX2000 router while the hardware fault is located on one specific MPC line card slot. PR1482124

  • The downstream IPv4 packet greater than BR MTU gets dropped in MAP-E. PR1483984

  • The traffic rate might not be as expected on the aggregated Ethernet interface after applying a shared-bandwidth policer. PR1484193

  • The peer interface does not go down after the MPC11E line card reboot. PR1485682

  • The input errors on the MX150 router might be zero in the output of the show interfaces extensive command when there are CRC or align errors on the interface. PR1485706

  • The aftd process might crash. PR1487416

  • XML is not properly formatted. PR1488036

  • Daemon might restart due to mishandling of data. PR1489512

  • With the MX-SPC3 service card, NAT might not be processed on an order as setup. PR1489581

  • Prolonged flow control might occur with MS-MPC or MS-MIC. PR1489942

  • The ISSU is not supported on the NG-MPC line cards from Junos OS Release 19.4R1. PR1491337

  • Multiple deactivation or activation of the security traceoptions along with a single NAPT44 session might crash the flowd process. PR1491540

  • MS-MIC goes down after loading some Junos OS releases in an MX-VC scenario. PR1491628

  • User-configured MTU might be ignored after the ISSU upgrade using the request vmhost software in-service-upgrade command. PR1491970

  • There is a delay in the LT interfaces on the MPC11E line card coming up after configuring the scaled PS interfaces anchoring to RLT. PR1492330

  • On the MX10008 router, the SNMP table entPhysicalTable does not match the PICs shown in the output of the show chassis hardware command. PR1492996

  • The MPC10 or MPC11 line card might crash if the interface is configured with the firewall filter referencing a shared-bandwidth policer. PR1493084

  • In an MX Series, setting or deleting a Virtual Chassis C port causes other Virtual Chassis ports on the same FPC or MIC slot to bring the link in the Down state for a few seconds, possibly interrupting the communication with the other member chassis. PR1493699

  • Used-Service-Unit of the CCR-U has Output-Bytes counter zero. PR1516728

  • The LSP might not come up in the LSP externally provisioned scenario. PR1494210

  • The following error message is seen for the AF interfaces on an FPC when the peer FPC is restarted: PFE_ERROR_FAIL_OPERATION: Unable to unbind cos scheduler from physical interface. PR1494452

  • In a node slicing setup, after GRES, the RADIUS interim updates might not carry actual statistics. PR1494637

  • Group address is not programmed back post deactivation and activation of the bridge domain. PR1495480

  • VPLS flood NH might not get programmed correctly. PR1495925

  • B4 might not be able to establish the softwire with AFTR. PR1496211

  • The following error messages are generated by Packet Forwarding Engine when the subscribers come up over a pseudowire interface: PFEIFD: Could not decode media address with length 0. PR1496265

  • The MPC10E line card might restart with sensord crash due to a timing issue. PR1497343

  • Outbound SSH connection flaps or memory leaks during the push configuration to ephemeral database with high rate. PR1497575

  • Port numbers logged in the ALG syslog are incorrect. PR1497713

  • Subscribers might be disconnected after one of the aggregated Ethernet participating FPCs comes online in a Junos node slicing scenario. PR1498024

  • SNMP polling does not show correct PSM jnxOperatingState when one of the PSM inputs fails. PR1498538

  • The rpd process might crash when multiple VRFs with IFLs link-protection are deleted at a single time. PR1498992

  • The commit check might fail when adding a logical interface into a routing-instance, which has no-normalization command enabled under the routing-instances stanza. PR1499265

  • Heap memory leak might be seen on the MPC10 and MPC11 line cards. PR1499631

  • After disabling and enabling the ams0 interfaces, the NAT sessions do not get synchronized back to the current standby SDG. PR1500147

  • The SPC3 card might crash if the SIP ALG is enabled. PR1500355

  • Unexpected behavior during | display inheritance is observed when the foreground is deactivated. PR1500569

  • The show services alg conversations and show services alg sip-globals commands are not supported in USF mode. PR1501051

  • The MX2020 and MX2010 routers continuously log pem_tiny_power_remaining: in the chassisd log. PR1501108

  • Application ID does not get displayed under the nat/sfw rule configured with application any rule. PR1501109

  • The chassisd process might become nonresponsive. PR1502118

  • On the MPC11 line card, the show syslog command in the Packet Forwarding Engine shell might time out. PR1502877

  • The packets from a nonexisting source on the GRE or UDP designated tunnel might be accepted. PR1503421

  • Configuring the ranges statement for autosensed VLANs might not work on the vMX platforms. PR1503538

  • MIBS added as part of jnxLicenseInstallTable: jnxLicenseStartDate jnxLicenseEndDate. PR1503790

  • The show bridge statistics command output does not display the statistics information for the pseudowire subscriber interfaces. PR1504409

  • The gNMI stream does not follow the frequency on the subscription from the collector. PR1504733

  • Fan speed might toggle between full and normal on the MX960 router with an enhanced FRU. PR1504867

  • The rpd process might crash in case of a network churn when the telemetry streaming is in progress. PR1505425

  • The PSM firmware upgrade must not allow multiple PSM upgrades in parallel to avoid the firmware corruption and support mutliple firmwares for different hardware. PR1524338

  • Addition and removal of an aggregated Ethernet interface member link might cause the PPPoE subscriber session and traffic to drop. PR1525585

  • After sending the Layer 4 or Layer 7 traffic, the HTTP redirect messages are not captured as expected. PR1505438

  • The l2cpd process might crash if the ERP configuration is added or removed, and the l2cpd process is restarted. PR1505710

  • VRRPv6 might not work in an EVPN scenario. PR1505976

  • Mapping leaks when the private and public IP addressess are from the same prefix. PR1507477

  • GnmiJuniperTelemetryHeader incompatibility is introduced in Junos OS Release 19.3. PR1507999

  • Outbound SSH connection flap or memory leak issues might be observed during push configuration to the ephemeral database with a high rate. PR1508324

  • JET API RouteMonitorRegister might result in an unresponsive gRPC session. PR1509655

  • The host-generated packets might be dropped if the force-control-packets-on-transit-path statement is configured. PR1509790

  • The disabled QSFP transceiver might fail to get turned on. PR1510994

  • PFCP message acknowledgment or non- acknowledgment responses are not tracked without the fix. If the CPF peer drops an acknowledged UPF response message and CPF retries the request, the reattempts do not get an acknowledgment by the response cache at UPF and get silently dropped. This causes the CPF state machine to constantly retry requests with those message being dropped at UPF, which leads to the Established state at both CPF and UPF. PR1511708

  • Static subscribers are logged out after creating a unit under the demux0 interface. PR1511745

  • The multicast traffic might be dropped if ALB is enabled on the aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1512157

  • Memory leak on l2ald might be seen when adding or deleting the routing-instances or bridge-domains configuration. PR1512802

  • The wavelength configured through the CLI might not be set on the SFP+-10G-T-DWDM-ZR optics when the optics is used on the MPC7E line card. PR1513321

  • Modifying the segment list of the segment routing LSP might not work. PR1513583

  • Subscribers might not be able to bind again after performing back-to-back GRES followed by an FPC restart. PR1514154

  • Active sensor check fails while checking the show agent sensors |display xml command. PR1516290

  • The MPC7E line card with QSFP installed might get rebooted when the show mtip-chmac <1|2> registers vty command is executed. PR1517202

  • There might be memory leak in cfmd if both the CFM and inet/IPv4 interfaces are configured. PR1518744

  • The vgd process might generate a core file when the OVSDB server restarts. PR1518807

  • The PADI packets might be dropped when the interface encapsulation VPLS is set along with accepted protocol configured as PPPoE. PR1523902

  • According to the OC data model, the openconfig-alarms.yang subscription path must be used as system/alarms/alarm. PR1525180

  • WAG control route prefix length are observed. PR1526666

  • Non-impacting error message is seen in the message logs: IFP error> ../../../../../../../../../src/pfe/usp/control/applications/interface/ifp.c@3270:(errno=1000) tunnel session add failed. PR1529224

  • On the MX960 router, the following error message might be observed: SCHED L4NP[0] Parity errors. PR1464297

  • The vmcore process crashes sometimes along with the mspmand process on MS-MPC/MS-MIC if large-scale traffic flows are processed. PR1482400

  • The heap memory utilization might increase after extensive subscriber login or logout. PR1508291

  • On the MPC10 and MPC11 line cards, the heap memory leaks with the MoFRR feature. PR1479024

  • Some of the virtual services might not up after GRES or rpd restart. PR1499655

  • On the MX150 series of routers, the request system halt and request system power-off commands do not work as expected. PR1468921

  • The transmit-rate might not work accurately with the strict-priority-scheduler mode. PR1485478

  • With MPC10 and MPC11 line cards, switchovers are slow to backup the upstream interface. PR1497127

  • The MACsec session might fail to establish if 256 bit cipher suite is configured for MACsec connectivity association assigned to a logical interface. PR1514680

  • The MPC10E line card might crash with the sensord process generating a core file due to a timing issue. PR1526568

  • The commit confirm command might not rollback the previous configuration when the commit operation fails. PR1527848

  • Certain BGP SRTE segment lists cause the rpd process to generate core file during tunnel attribute parsing. PR1535632


  • If the serial number of the PEM starts with 1F1, the following alarm might be generated: Minor FPC PEM Temp Sensor Failed. PR1398128

  • SNMP polling might return an unexpectedly high value for the ifHCOutOctets counter for a physical interface when any jnxDom OID is processed at the same time. PR1508442

  • Unknown MIB OID are referenced in the SNMP trap after upgrading to Junos OS Release 18.4R3.3. PR1508281

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Traffic might get dropped as the next hop points to ICL even though the local MC-LAG is up. PR1486919

  • The sonet-options configuration statement is disabled for the xe interface that works in wan-phy mode. PR1472439

  • The vrrpd might crash when dual VLAN on VRRP interfaces is configured. PR1512658

  • Fail to configure proactive ARP detection. PR1476199

  • A stale IP address might be seen after a specific order of configuration changes under the logical-systems scenario. PR1477084

  • Control logical interface 32767 is not created on the VLAN-tagged IFD even after removing the VLAN 0 configuration. PR1483395

  • On the MPC6 line cards, the CFM DM two way verification fails with invalid timestamp. PR1489196

  • Some of the logical interfaces might not come up with the configured vlan-bridge encapsulation. PR1501414

  • Unexpected dual VRRP backup state might occur after performing two subsequent Routing Engine switchovers with track priority-hold-time configured. PR1506747

  • Commit failure is observed while deleting all the units under the ps0 interface. PR1514319

  • The following error message is observed: Request failed: OID not increasing: ieee8021CfmStackServiceSelectorType. PR1517046

Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)

  • When creating the custom IDP signatures that match raw bytes (hexadecimal), the commit check fails if the administrator configures the depth parameter. PR1506706


  • Security vulnerability in J-Web and Web-based (HTTP/HTTPS) services is observed. PR1499280

Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET)

  • JET application configuration must be disabled before upgrading Junos OS vmhost images. PR1488769

Junos Fusion Provider Edge

  • The statistics of the extended ports on the satellite device cluster might show wrong values from the aggregation device. PR1490101

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • For the MX204 router, the vendor ID is set as MX10001 in the factory-default configuration and in the DHCP client messages. PR1488771

  • The DHCP subscribers might not come up when DHCP ALQ and VRRP are configured. PR1490907

  • Issues with the DHCPv6 relay processing confirm and reply packets are observed. PR1496220

  • The MC-LAG might be down after disabling and then enabling the force-up configuration. PR1500758

  • The aggregated Ethernet interface sometimes might not come up after switch is rebooted. PR1505523

  • The DHCPv6 lease query is not as expected while verifying the DHCPv6 server statistics. PR1506418

  • The show dhcp relay statistics display DHCPLEASEUNASSIGNED instead of DHCPLEASEUNASSINGED, which is spelling error. PR1512239

  • The show dhcpv6 relay statistics must display DHCPV6_LEASEQUERY_REPLY instead of DHCPV6_LEASEQUERY_REPL for the messages sent. PR1512246

  • The DHCP6 lease query is not as expected while verifying the DHCPV6v relay statistics. PR1521227

  • The memory leak in jdhcpd might be seen if access-profile is configured under the dhcp-relay or dhcp-local-server statement. PR1525052


  • The RSVP interface bandwidth calculation rounds up. PR1458527

  • The rpd process might crash in PCEP for the RSVP-TE scenario. PR1467278

  • The rpd process might crash when the BGP flaps with FEC 129 VPWS enabled. PR1490952

  • If there are two directly connected BGP peers established over MPLS LSP and the MTU of the IP layer is smaller than the MTU of the MPLS layer. Also, if the BGP packets from the host have the DF bit set, the BGP session might keep flapping because of the usage of the wrong TCP-MSS. PR1493431

  • The rpd process might crash in a rare condition in the SR-TE scenario. PR1493721

  • The rpd process saves the core file while performing ISSU from Junos OS Release 19.3R2 or later. PR1493969

  • The same device responds twice for traceroute in case it goes through the MPLS network under specific conditions. PR1494665

  • The rpd process might crash when the SNMP polling is done using the OID jnxMplsTeP2mpTunnelDestTable. PR1497641

  • Traffic loss might occur if ISSU is performed when P2MP is configured for an LSP. PR1500615

  • The CSPF job might get stalled for a new or an existing LSP in a high-scale LSP setup. PR1502993

  • The rpd process might crash with RSVP configured in a rare timing case. PR1505834

  • Activating or deactivating the LDP-sync under OSPF might cause the LDP neighborship to go down and stay down. PR1509578

  • The rpd process might crash after upgrading Junos OS Release 18.1 to a later release. PR1517018

  • The SNMP trap is sent with the incorrect OID jnxSpSvcSetZoneEntered. PR1517667

  • The LDP session-group might throw a commit error and flap. PR1521698

  • The rpd process generates core file on the backup Routing Engine. PR1495746

  • The rpd process might crash when rpd restarts or GRES switchovers. PR1506062

Network Management and Monitoring

  • The SNMPv3 informs might not work properly after rebooting. PR1497841

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Configured scheduler-map is not applied on ms- interface if the service PIC is in the Offline state during commit. PR1523881

  • core.vmxt.mpc0 seen at 5 0x096327d5 in the l2alm_sync_entry_in_pfes (context=0xd92e7b28, sync_info=0xd92e7a78) at ../../../../../src/pfe/common/applications/l2alm/l2alm_common_hw_api.c:1727. PR1430440

  • The output of the show jnh qmon queues-sensor stats 0 command has no content. PR1514881

  • On the MX204 router, GRE with sampling causes the following Packet Forwarding Engine error: MQSS(0): MALLOC: Underflow error during reference count read - Overflow 1, Underflow 1, HMCIF 0, Address 0x8d62e0. PR1463718

  • On MX150 and vMX, the VXLAN packet might get discarded because the flow caching does not support VXLAN when flow caching is enabled. PR1466470

  • CFM session malfunctions when it is configured along with the inner and outer native VLAN ID configuration. PR1484303

  • In the MX104 chassis, the show system buffer command displays all zeros. PR1484689

  • Traceroute monitor with MTR version v.69 shows a false 10 percent loss. PR1493824

  • Packets get dropped when next hop is IRB over an lt interface. PR1494594

  • The Routing Engine might crash when a large number of next hops are quickly deleted and added again in a large ARP or ND scaled scenario. PR1496429

  • The rmopd.core process generates core files when committing a configuration replacement of the ms-interface used. PR1499230

  • Traffic to VRRP virtual IP or MAC addresses might be dropped when ingress queuing is enabled. PR1501014

  • Python or SLAX script might not be executed. PR1501746

  • Traffic originated from another subnet is sent out with 0x8100 instead of 0x88a8. PR1502867

  • Traffic loss might be seen in certain conditions under an MC-LAG setup. PR1505465

  • The kernel might crash causing the router or the Routing Engine to reboot when making virtual IP related change. PR1511833

  • During route table object fetch failure, the FPC might crash. PR1513509

  • With multiple different fixed-sized traffic streams configured at 10,000,00 fps (40-Gbps combined rate) on aggregated Ethernet0 along with another independent aggregated Ethernet interface (aggregated Ethernet1, 50 percent line rate 4 streams bidirectional => 118-Gbps combined traffic rate), both hosted on a single Packet Forwarding Engine instruction of the MPC11E line card, small varying packet drops occur for every iteration on aggregated Ethernet1 on disabling aggregated Ethernet0. PR1464549

  • There is a TWAMP interoperability issue between Junos OS releases. PR1533025

Routing Protocols

  • The BGP session might be become nonresponsive with high BGP OutQ value after GRES on both sides. PR1323306

  • Cannot configure set system services ssh protocol-version v1. PR1440476

  • When configuring an alternate incoming interface for a PIM RPF check using rpf-selection, the additional groups outside the configured range might switch to the alternate incoming interface. PR1443056

  • Multicast traffic loss might be seen in certain conditions while enabling the IGMP snooping under EVPN-VXLAN ERB scenario. PR1481987

  • RIPv2 might malfunction when changing the interface type from P2MP to broadcast. PR1483181

  • There might be rpd process memory leak in a certain looped MSDP scenario. PR1485206

  • Layer 3 VPN RR with the family route-target and no-client-reflect statements does not work as expected. PR1485977

  • Traffic loss might be observed while performing GRES in an MPLS setup. PR1486657

  • The BGP route-target family might prevent the RR from reflecting the Layer 2 VPN and Layer 3 VPN routes. PR1492743

  • The rpd process generates core files at rt_nh_resolve_add_gen in ../../../../../../../../src/junos/usr.sbin/rpd/lib/rt/rt_resolve_ind.c: with the evpn-dhcp configurations. PR1494005

  • In all platforms with IPv6 scenario, the last route entry in the inet6.0 or inet6.3 RIB might not get deleted if there is another configuration present under the RIB configuration. (For example, set routing-options rib inet6.0 static defaults active). This might cause a service to still be available that the customer no longer wants to use. PR1495477

  • Receipt of certain genuine BGP packets from any BGP speaker causes the rpd process to crash. PR1497721

  • The IS-IS hello authentication does not generate the correct digest value for hmac_sha1 algorithm. PR1498452

  • The rpd process might crash if the import policy is changed to accept more routes that exceed the teardown function threshold. PR1499977

  • The rpd process might crash in a multicast scenario with BGP configured. PR1501722

  • The rpd process might crash while processing a specific BGP packet. PR1502327

  • The mcsnoopd process generates core files during the execution of an internal script. PR1503211

  • BGP might not advertise routes to peers after a peer flap. PR1507195

  • The rpd process might crash due to RIP updates being sent on an interface in down state. PR1508814

  • The IS-IS SR routes might not be updated to reflect the change in the SRMS advertisements. PR1514867

  • The BGP link-bw of the non-multipath routes are included in an aggregation. PR1515264

  • The rpd process might crash if there is a huge number of SA messages in an MSDP scenario. PR1517910

  • NLRI handling improvements for BGP-LS ID TLV is needed. PR1521258

  • The output of the show isis interface detail command might be incorrect if wide-metrics-only is enabled for IS-IS and the ASCII representation of the metric in decimal is more than 6 characters long. PR1482983

  • The BGP RPKI ROA withdrawal might lead to an unexpected BGP route flap. PR1483097

  • The rpd process might crash after deleting and then adding a BGP neighbor. PR1517498

  • Core file is generated in krt_mcnh_update_rpf_info() when TI-LFA is used with MOFRR. PR1493259

Services Applications

  • The FPC process might crash with an npc core file if the service interface is configured under a service set in USF mode. PR1502527

  • The output of the show services l2tp tunnel extensive command does not show the configured session limit. PR1503436

  • Destination lockout functionality does not work at the tunnel session level when CDN code is received. PR1532750

Subscriber Access Management

  • The following syslog messages are observed: pfe_tcp_listener_open_timeout: Peer info msg not received from addr: 0x6000080. Socket 0xfffff804ad23c2e0 closed. PR1474687

  • LTS incorrectly sends the access-request with the Tunnel-Assignment-ID, which is not compliant with RFC 2868. PR1502274

  • CCR-T does not contain the usage-monitoring information. PR1517507

  • The show network-access aaa subscribers statistics username "<>" command fails to fetch the subscriber-specific AAA statistics information if a subscriber username contains a space. PR1518016

Subscriber Management and Services

  • Subscriber management and services are not supported on MPC10 or MPC11 line cards when you use these cards for subscriber access. MPC10 and MPC11 line cards support subscriber management and services only when you use these cards for uplink purposes to the core.

User Interface and Configuration

  • The version information under the configuration changes from Junos OS Release 19.1 onwards. PR1457602


  • The l2circuit neighbor might become nonresponsive in the Ready state at one end of the MG-LAG peer. PR1498040

  • The rpd process might crash in certain conditions after deleting the l2circuit configuration. PR1502003

  • The MPLS label manager might allow configuration of a duplicated VPLS static label. PR1503282

  • The output value of the show mvpn c-multicast inet source-pe | display xml command is not proper. PR1509948

  • The rpd process might crash after removing the last configured interface under the l2circuit neighbor. PR1511783

  • The rpd process might crash when deleting the l2circuit configuration in a specific sequence. PR1512834