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Open Issues


Learn about open issues in this release for MX Series routers. For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Class of Service (CoS)

  • When an interface attached to the aggregated Ethernet interface is decoupled and an IP address is assigned to it, ARP resolution issues are seen. PR1504287


  • The VXLAN OAM host-bound packets are not throttled with DDoS policers. PR1435228

  • With dynamic list next hop configured, a forwarding problem occurs after performing graceful switchover. PR1513759

Forwarding and Sampling

  • The following syslog error message might be seen if the SSD hardware fails: rpd[2191]: krt_flow_dfwd_open,8073: Failed connecting to DFWD, error checking reply - Operation timed out. PR1397171

General Routing

  • If a vmhost snapshot is taken on an alternate disk and no further vmhost software image is upgraded, the expectation is that if the current vmhost image gets corrupted, the system boots with the alternate disk so the user can recover the primary disk to restore the state. However, the host root file system and the node boots with the previous vmhost software instead of the alternate disk. PR1281554

  • The output of the show dynamic-tunnels database statistics command must have tags for source, destination, tunnel-id, and next hop. PR1501576

  • On the MX150 routers, fpc flaps after loading the set chassis fpc slot flexible-queuing-mode configuration and generates the localhost.bcmd.mpc0 core file sometimes. PR1534637

  • On the MX2010 and MX2020 routers equipped with SFB2, some error logs might be seen. PR1363587

  • FPC generates core files under certain circumstances on addition and deletion of hierarchical CoS from pseudowire devices. PR1414969

  • The FPC might crash when the Packet Forwarding Engine memory exhausts. PR1439012

  • On the MPC11E line card, the number-of-sub-ports configuration on the 4x10G channelized ports might cause the channels to go down. PR1442439

  • Interface hold-down timers cannot be achieved for less than 15 seconds on the MPC11E line card. PR1444516

  • IPv6 packets might get dropped when vMX acts as a VRRPv3 gateway. PR1449014

  • Physical interface policers are not supported in Junos OS Release 19.3 for the MPC11 line card. PR1452963

  • On the MPC11E line card, the FIB download rates are lower than the rates on MPC10E line card by 30 percent. PR1456816

  • The following CDA error message is observed: LkupAsicClient: Index Dmem block read failed, PFE:0.0. PR1459665

  • Need to add the Backport jemalloc profiling CLI support to all Junos OS releases where jemalloc is present. PR1463368

  • The following error message is seen after GRES: [user.err aftd-trio: [Error] IF:Unable to add member to aggregate member list, member already exists, aggIflName:ps1.0 memberIflName:lt-3/0/0.32767]. PR1466531

  • For the MPC10E line card, the IS-IS and micro-BFD sessions do not come up during baseline. PR1474146

  • Dynamic SR-TE tunnels do not get automatically re-created at the new master Routing Engine after the Routing Engine switchover. PR1474397

  • Expected number of 512,000 MAC entries are not re-learned in the bridge table after clearing 512,000 MAC entries from the table. PR1475205

  • On the MX480 router, the following error message is seen after restore or removal with IP/MPLS configurations: [Error] L2alm : l2alm_mac_process_hal_delete_msg:667 Ignoring MAC delete with ifl index 355, fwd_entry has 7888. PR1475785

  • Critical syslog error messages at fpc3 user.crit aftd-trio are seen during baseline: [Critical] Em: Possible out of order deletion of AftNode #012#012#012 AftNode details - AftIndirect token:230791 group:0 nodeMask:0xffffffffffffffff indirect:333988 hwInstall:1#012. PR1486158

  • Login or logout of high scale (around 1 million bearers) causes some sessions not to re-login. PR1489665

  • Backup Routing Engine reboots because of power cycle or failure when the offline and online operations are performed on CB1. PR1497592

  • If MPLS is needed, the crpd container must be instantiated with the MPLS modules that are already installed on the host. PR1498632

  • The MPC11 line card is not supported in Junos OS Release 19.4. PR1503605

  • Traffic loss might be seen under ECMP scenario on the MPC10E or MPC11E line card. PR1513898

  • On the MX960 router, expected traffic is not received with multicast and PIM scaling configurations. PR1514646

  • yin2tlv sets unsupported command as hidden deprecated. PR1516910

  • The BFD sessions might flap continuously after disruptive switchover followed by GRES. PR1518106

  • With the HTTP header enrichment function enabled, the processing of the window scaling option significantly reduces the performance of HTTP sessions from 65 Mbps to less than 40 Mbps, which results in decrease of traffic throughput. The download rate also drops. PR1420894

  • Changing the framing modes on a CHE1T1 MIC between E1 and T1 on an MPC3E NG HQoS line card causes the PIC to go offline. PR1474449

  • On the MX2020 and MX2010 routers, the SPMB CPU is elevated when an SFB3 is installed. PR1516287

  • The AMS bundle state toggles momentarily as up, down, and up after configuring commit for a scaled scenario. PR1521929

  • Family IPv6 do not come up for the L2TP subscriber when additional attributes are not passed in the Framed-IPv6-Route VSA. PR1526934

  • In the subscriber management environment, the RADIUS interim accounting records does not get populated with the subscriber statistics. PR1529602

  • The following error messages are observed: unable to set line-side lane config (err 30). PR1492162

  • LFM might flap during MX-VC ISSU. PR1516744

  • Subscribers are not logged out after the AGT test stops. PR1531415

  • Multicast traffic might be sent out through unexpected interfaces with distributed IGMP enabled. PR1536149

  • The accounting interim-updates for subscriber does not work after GRES and subsequent reboot of FPCs in the node-slicing setup. PR1539474


  • The following error message is observed continuously in AD with base configurations: IFDE: Null uint32 set vector, ifd and IFFPC: 'IFD Ether uint32 set' (opcode 151) failed. PR1485038

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The SFP index in the Packet Forwarding Engine starts at 1, while the port numbering starts at 0. This causes confusion in the log analysis. PR1412040

  • MPLS VPN label can point to the discard next hop after a Routing Engine switchover without NSR if the egress interface is pp0. PR1488302

  • Input and output bytes count mismatch in the IPv6 traffic statistics while issuing the show interface extensive command. PR1505100

  • When standby MC-LAG node is rebooted, one time traffic hit of active path traffic is observed and later when the node comes up, the MC-LAG active standby roles are changed to the other device. PR1505841

  • The following error message is observed while removing or adding the configurations: xolo-fpc0 ppman: [Error] CTRL:RPC:: Cos8021pRwTableCb)::< lambda: RPC to Aftman CoS FC table request failed for key:16783744 iflIndex:23238 status:Invalid argument. PR1527032

  • The following error message is observed when the CCM PDUs do not take the configured forwarding class: ppman: [Error] PPM:CTRL_CFM: PpmCtrlProtoCfm::getFcPlp: CFM interface is not found in intf table. PR1534239

Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP)

  • The CLI provides helpful remarks about the tunable detector parameters of IDP. PR1490436


  • The rpd process might crash when the LDP route with indirect next hop is deleted on the aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1538124

Platform and Infrastructure

  • On the MX2010 router, OSPF flapping during ISSU from Junos OS Release 17.3 to Release 17.4 is observed due to InActiveTimer event reason: neighbor was inactive and declared dead. PR1371879

  • The CFM REMOTE MEP does not come up after configuration or if the MEP remains in the Start state. PR1460555

  • The following line card errors are seen: HALP-trinity_nh_dynamic_mcast_add_irb_topo:3520 snooping-error: invlaid IRB topo/ IRB ifl zero in l2 nh 40495 add IRB. PR1472222

  • A few OAM sessions are not established with the scaled EVPN E-Tree and CFM configurations. PR1478875

  • If the interface is newly added as the CE interface, the existing broadcast, unknown unicast, and multicast (BUM) traffic can be looped. The loop prevention feature is designed to start working whenever a new CE interface is added by configuration. But the existing BUM traffic can be distributed to a new CE interface earlier before enabling the loop prevention feature. PR1493650

  • The MEP session on the aggregated Ethernet interface might not come up if OAM runs with PPM mode by default. PR1506861

  • After performing ISSU with high scale bridge domain configuration, less than 0.0254 percent of traffic loss is observed for a single bridge domain interface. PR1531051

  • The npc process generates core file in igmp_process_wakeup_events,igmp_pfe_thread,thread_detach_tty. PR1534542

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd process might crash on the backup Routing Engine if BGP (standby) receives a route from the peer, which is rejected due to an invalid target community. PR1508888

  • On the MX960 router, the backup path fails to install in the LAN scenario and breaks the SR-MPLS for LAN when more than four end-x SIDs are configured on the interface. PR1512174

  • BFD with authentication for BGP flaps after GRES or NSR switchover on the NG-RE and SCBE2 setup. PR1522261

  • The IS-IS LSP database synchronization issue might be seen while using the flood-group feature. PR1526447

Subscriber Access Management

  • Subscriber accounting messages retransmissions exist even after configuring accounting retry 0. PR1405855

User Interface and Configuration

  • NETCONF service over SSH might not work on the device that runs Junos OS if in-band management is used. PR1517160