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    QFX3500 Switch Default Configuration

    Each QFX Series product is programmed with a factory default configuration that contains the values set for each configuration parameter when a switch is shipped. The default configuration file sets values for system parameters such as syslog and commit, configures storm control and Ethernet switching on all interfaces, and enables IGMP snooping, RSTP, and LLDP protocols.

    When you commit changes to the configuration, a new configuration file is created, which becomes the active configuration. You can always revert to the factory default configuration if you need to.

    The following factory default configuration file is for a QFX3500 switch with 48 ports:

    Note: In this example, xe-0/0/0 through xe-0/0/47 are the network interface ports.

    protocols {igmp-snooping {vlan all;}rstp;lldp {interface all;}}
    interfaces {xe-0/0/0 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/1 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/2 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/3 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/4 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/5 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/6 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/7 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/8 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/9 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/10 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/11 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/12 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/13 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/14 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/15 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/16 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/17 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/18 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/19 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/20 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/21 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/22 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/23 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/24 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/25 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/26 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/27 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/28 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/29 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/30 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/31 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/32 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/33 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/34 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/35 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/36 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/37 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/38 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/39 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/40 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/41 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/42 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/43 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/44 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/45 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/46 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}xe-0/0/47 {unit 0 {family ethernet-switching;}}}
    ethernet-switching-options {storm-control {interface all;}}
    system {syslog {archive size 256k;file default-log-messages {structured-data;}user * {any emergency;}file messages {any notice;authorization info;}file interactive-commands {interactive-commands any;}}ports {console type vt100;}compress-configuration-files;login {password {minimum-length 6;minimum-changes 1;change-type set transitions;format md5;}}commit {factory-settings {reset-chassis-lcd-menu;}}}

    Modified: 2016-04-29