Mapping OpenConfig Network Instance Commands to Junos Operation


See OpenConfig Data Model Version topic to understand the data models supported version and its Junos OS release for Juniper Networks MX Series, PTX Series, and QFX Series.

Network instance models a generic virtual forwarding table on a device. This supports a Layer 3 forwarding construct such as a virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) instance, or a Layer 2 instance such as a virtual switch instance. A mixed Layer 2 and Layer 3 instances are also supported.

Starting with Junos OS Release 17.4R1, network instance based BGP configuration is supported. After the network instance is configured, you will be prompted with options for BGP configuration such as global bgp, neighbor bgp, and so on.


There is no change in the existing BGP configuration, you can configure BGP in a specific network instance.

Table 1 details the network instance commands.

Table 1: Network Instance

Resource Path



An assigned unique name for the forwarding instance.

In Junos, you need to provide a name because you do not run different BGP in the same routing instance.


Description of the network instance.


Type of network instance:

  • default_instance

  • l3vrf

  • l2vsi

  • l2p2p

  • l2l3

Note: Only default_instance and l3vrf instances are supported.


Whether the network instance should be configured to be active on the network element: True or False.

By default, the value is True.


An identifier for the local network instance.


The route distinguisher that should be used for the local VRF instance when it is signalled through BGP.


Name of interfaces belonging to this routing instance.


Type of identifier:

  • BGP

  • ISIS

  • OSPF

  • OSPF3




Note: Only BGP is supported.


A unique name for the protocol instance. This is not a mandatory field.

  • /network-instances/network-instance/protocols/protocol/config/name/enable

  • /network-instances/network-instance/protocols/protocol/config/name/target-table

  • /network-instances/network-instance/inter-instance-policies/apply-policy/config/

  • /network-instances/network-instance/table-connections/table-connection/config/src-table

  • /network-instances/network-instance/table-connections/table-connection/config/dst-table

  • /network-instances/network-instance/table-connections/table-connection/config/tables

Not supported.

Release History Table
Starting with Junos OS Release 17.4R1, network instance based BGP configuration is supported.