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    Captive Portal Log Messages

    This topic lists log messages and the corresponding state of the bootstrapping process.

    Table 1: Captive Portal Log Messages



    Device cannot connect

    Initiating the HTTP connection.

    Device record not found

    There is no matching uCPE record on the Network Service Orchestrator module.

    Device activation code error

    There is no matching authorization or activation code.

    Device record mismatch

    There is no matching uCPE record on the Network Service Orchestrator module.

    Device configuration file mismatch

    The entered activation code is correct. The system has received a corrupted XML configuration file.

    Device configuration cannot be applied

    The entered activation code is correct. JDM is unable to login to vJunos0 to apply the configuration.

    Device image unexpected verification error

    The entered activation code is correct. The uCPE is trying to process an image file name, but the Network Service Orchestrator module has not presented the image file name.

    Device software image download interrupted

    The image downloading process has been interrupted. Please contact support.

    Device software image integrity error

    There is an integrity error with the downloaded images. Please contact support.

    Failed to apply received configuration

    The entered activation code is correct. But, the received configuration could not be applied.

    Failed to get configuration from PHS

    The entered activation code is correct. But, unable to get the configuration from the Network Activator.

    Failed to download image

    Unable to download the image from the Network Activator.

    Failed to install downloaded image

    Unable to install the downloaded image on the device.

    Failed to send bootstrap-complete message

    Unable to send the bootstrapping complete message

    Bootstrap Failed

    The bootstrapping process was not successful.

    Failed to execute pre-configuration-script

    Unable to run the pre-configuration script

    Device connecting. Please be patient

    Please wait till the device connects.

    Please enter the activation code

    Enter the activation code.

    Device Software image downloading begun. This operation may take several minutes.

    This is a software download progress message.

    Device Software image download complete, checking for errors.

    Software has been successfully downloaded, and an error-check is being performed.

    Device software image installation will now begin, and may take several minutes to complete.

    The downloaded software is being installed.

    Device activation complete. Please disconnect your laptop.

    Device has been activated, you can now disconnect your laptop.

    No PHS/Redirect server URLs configured.

    Network Activator or Redirect server URLs have not been configured.

    Connected to redirect server.

    The device is connected to the redirect server.

    Installing image.

    A status message that the image is being installed.

    Verifying image integrity.

    The integrity of the downloaded image is being verified.

    Getting up JCP. This will take a while.

    The Junos control plane is being brought up.

    Reboot initiated. Expect loss of connectivity till device is up.

    The device is being rebooted. There will be no connectivity till the device is up.

    Device upgraded. Bootstrap Completed Successfully.

    The device has been upgraded, and the bootstrapping process has been completed successfully.

    Modified: 2017-03-28