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Retry Limit Exceeded Event


LSP Event

Retry limit exceeded

Sample Output 1

Sample Output 2


This LSP event indicates that the number of CSPF path computations for a particular path exceeded a configured retry limit. After this point, the path is not recomputed or signaled, unless the user intervenes.


The number of CSPF path computations for an LSP path exceeded the configured non-zero retry limit. Sample Output 1 shows that a configured retry limit of 1 was exceeded by the retry count of 13.


Enter the clear mpls lsp command to disconnect and restart the LSP. Sample Output 2 shows that events 13 and 14 were generated after the clear mpls lsp command was issued. This operation disconnects existing RSVP sessions on the ingress router, releases the routes and states associated with the LSPs, and starts a new LSP. Issuing this command might impact traffic travelling along the LSP, because of a time lag that can occur between the old path being torn down and the new path being set up.