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Link Protection Down Event


LSP Event

Link protection down

Sample Output 1

Sample Output 2


Sample Output 1 shows the MPLS link-protection configuration on R1 for the LSP R1-to-R6.

Sample Output 2 shows that link protection came up and down several times. Link protection comes up when the LSP signals. Line 60 shows the result when RSVP is disabled on all alternate paths out of R6. Lines 68 to 70 are the result when the clear mpls lsp command is issued.


This LSP event is caused by a failure or configuration change that deletes or resignals the bypass LSP. For example, you clear the LSP using the clear mpls lsp command, or you disable RSVP on all alternate paths for the LSP. The bypass LSP does not use the primary path, instead it looks for an alternate path.


Include the family mpls statement for all alternate paths for the LSP at the [edit interfaces type-fpc/pic/port.unit] hierarchy level.