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MPLS Graceful Restart: Recovery Failed Event


LSP Event

MPLS graceful restart: recovery failed

Sample Output

Not available.


This LSP event indicates unsuccessful recovery of an LSP path after graceful restart, resulting in potential traffic loss.


This LSP event is caused by several factors:

  • MPLS graceful restart procedures may have been aborted by this LSR.

  • MPLS graceful restart is disabled, by configuration, during the recovery period.

  • An MPLS LSP path is disabled either due to a configuration change or due to an error during the recovery period.

  • CSPF computation failed for the restarted LSP path with parameters and constraints preserved across the restart.

  • A signaling failure occurred and an RSVP PathErr was received on the LSP path signaled after a restart.

  • A network failure occurred on some hop that the LSP was traversing during the recovery period.


Check the MPLS logs for more details about the failure.