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Configuring EPD Threshold


ATM encapsulations provide congestion control via early packet discard (EPD) thresholds on a per logical interface basis. For Circuit Emulation PICs, the EPD number specifies the number of packets (or frames or cell bundles). The EPD threshold is a limit on the number of transmit packets that can be queued. Packets that exceed the limit are discarded. For ATM2 IQ interfaces only, you must define the EPD threshold on a virtual circuit (VC).

To configure EPD threshold.

  1. Go to the [edit interfaces at-fpc/pic/port] hierarchy level.
  2. Configure a name for the scheduler-maps statement in the ATM interface-specific options.
  3. Configure a forwarding class name which acts as a scheduling parameter associated with the forwarding class.
  4. Configure an EPD threshold value and an EPD threshold value for PLP 1.