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EX2200 Switch Default Configuration


Each EX Series switch is programmed with a factory default configuration that contains the values set for each configuration parameter when a switch is shipped. The default configuration file for an EX2200 switch configures Ethernet switching and storm control on all interfaces, configures Power over Ethernet (PoE) on all interfaces of models that provide PoE, and enables the LLDP, LLDP-MED, and RSTP protocols and IGMP snooping.

When you commit changes to the configuration, a new configuration file is created that becomes the active configuration. You can always revert to the factory default configuration—because an EX2200 switch does not have an LCD panel, use the CLI commands to revert to the factory default configuration. See Reverting to the Default Factory Configuration for the EX Series Switch.

The following factory default configuration file is for an EX2200 switch with 24 ports, all of which have PoE capability:


The factory default configuration file is different for different EX2200 switch models.

The number of interfaces in the default configuration file depends on the number of ports in the EX2200 switch.

The poe stanza does not appear for models without PoE.

Uplink ports for the EX2200 switches except the EX2200-C models will be listed as ge-0/1/0 to ge-0/1/3 and for the EX2200-C switches as ge-0/1/0 to ge-0/1/1.