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source-address (NTP, RADIUS, System Logging, or TACACS+)



Hierarchy Level

Release Information

Statement introduced before Junos OS Release 7.4.

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 9.0 for EX Series switches.

routing-instance option added in Junos OS Release 14.1


Specify a source address for each configured IPv4 or IPv6 TACACS+ server, RADIUS server, NTP server, or the source address to record in system log messages that are directed to a remote machine.


(Junos OS Evolved only) For system log messages, you cannot configure the management-interface option at the [edit system log host log-host-name] hierarchy level if you configure the source-address option.


source-address—A valid IP address configured on one of the router or switch interfaces. For system logging, the address is recorded as the message source in messages sent to the remote machines specified in all host hostname statements at the [edit system syslog] hierarchy level, but not for messages directed to the other Routing Engine or to the TX Matrix router or TX Matrix Plus router in a routing matrix based on a TX Matrix router or TX Matrix Plus router.

routing-instance routing-instance-name—(Optional) The routing instance name in which the source address is defined. (Not supported on EX series platforms)


On MX Series platforms, this option is supported only under [edit system ntp] hierarchy level.

Default: The primary address of the interface

Required Privilege Level

system—To view this statement in the configuration.

system-control—To add this statement to the configuration.