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Hierarchy Level


(M, MX,PTX, and T i386 only) You might require to perform a resizing of the configuration database as a result of performing frequent load replacement operations which replaces the configuration hierarchy with the new configuration. When this occurs, deleted objects store in the database, and the memory allocated in the database is freed after the commit is completed. However, during this process the database size on disk can grow although the actual configuration size is actually less.

The resize command provides a method for you to resize the configuration database. The database will be resized automatically during the commit based on the values specified in the database-size-diff and database-size-on-disk attributes. The system will display Database resize completed when the configuration database has been successfully resized.


When you configure the set system configuration-database resize command, and a database resize can be performed, running commit batch will not initiate a configuration database resize. Only running a normal commit during this condition will trigger a configuration database resize.

Usage guidelines on performing a resize of the configuration database:

  • All other configuration sessions will be closed on the routing engine to remove the old mappings to the configuration database.

  • A new configuration session cannot be opened. A warning message is displayed instructing you that the configuration database is being resized.

  • If there are uncommitted changes and the command is executed, the command will fail and an error will be generated (error: Database resize failed, Configuration Database Modified.).

Use the show system configuration database usage command to display configuration database disk space usage statistics. The Current database size on disk field will display the change in database size related to the use of the resize command. See show system configuration database usage.


database-size-diffsize MBSize in megabytes to specify the difference between the configuration database size and actual usage.

Range: Minimum 1 MB, maximum 1024 MB (default 100 MB)

database-size-on-disk size MBSize in megabytes to define the minimum configuration database size on disk.

Range: Minimum 1 MB, maximum 1024 MB (default 450 MB)

Required Privilege Level

admin—To view this statement in the configuration.

admin-control—To add this statement to the configuration.