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Syntax (Junos OS Evolved)

Hierarchy Level

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Evolved Release 18.3R1.


For each FPC on the device or globally, you can configure the threshold at which PFE errors will take the action you configure to be performed by the device. For each FPC on the device, you can classify errors according to severity, set an automatic recovery action for each severity, and set a threshold (that is, the number of times the error must occur before the action is triggered).

Some devices running Junos OS include an internal framework for detecting and correcting PFE errors that can have the potential to affect services.


action actionConfigure the action for this level. You have a choice of the following actions:
  • alarm—Raise chassis alarm.

  • fault—Set device state to fault.

  • get-state—Retrieve device state for debugging.

  • log—Log occurrence to system log file.

(fatal | major | minor)Specify the level you want to set an action for. You have a choice of the following levels:
  • fatal—Configure PFE fatal-level errors. Default threshold is 1.

  • major—Configure PFE major-level errors. Default threshold is 1.

  • minor—Configure PFE minor-level errors. Default threshold is 10.

Required Privilege Level

interfaceTo view this statement in the configuration.
interface-controlTo add this statement to the configuration.