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link-protection (non-LACP)



Hierarchy Level

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 17.3R1.


User can specify the link-protection-revertive statement in the link protection configuration at the aggregated Ethernet interface level to set revertive mode. In revertive mode, adding a higher-priority link to the aggregated Ethernet bundle results in recalculation of the priorities and traffic will switch from the currently active link to the newly added, higher-priority link. Recalculation of priorities is performed only while link event such as addition\deletion and UP/Down operation on link, that is, configuration of this option will not result in any recalculation immediately until next link-event occurs.

In addition to enabling static link protection, a primary and a secondary (backup) link must be configured to specify what links egress traffic should traverse. To configure primary and secondary links on the router, include the primary and backup statements at the [edit interfaces ge-fpc/pic/port gigether-options 802.3ad aex] hierarchy level or the [edit interfaces fe-fpc/pic/port fastether-options 802.3ad aex] hierarchy level.

For static link protection, specify link-protection at the following hierarchy levels:

  • [edit interfaces ge-fpc/pic/port ether-options 802.3ad aex]

  • [edit interfaces xe-fpc/pic/port ether-options 802.3ad aex] hierarchy level or at the [edit interfaces xe-fpc/pic/port ether-options 802.3ad aex] hierarchy level.

    To disable static link protection, use the delete interface ae aggregate-ether-options link-protection statement at the [edit interfaces aex aggregated-ether-options] hierarchy level.


The remaining statements are explained separately. See CLI Explorer.

Required Privilege Level

interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.