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    dhcpv6 (DHCPv6 Relay Agent on ACX Series)


    dhcpv6 {
    active-server-group server-group-name;
    group group-name {
    interface interface-name ;
    server-group-name {
    prefix prefix;
    option-number option-number;
    equals (ascii ascii-string | hexadecimal hexadecimal-string) {
    relay-server-group relay-server-group;
    starts-with (ascii ascii-string | hexadecimal hexadecimal-string) {
    relay-server-group relay-server-group;

    Hierarchy Level

    [edit forwarding-options dhcp-relay],
    [edit routing-instances routing-instance-name forwarding-options dhcp-relay]

    Release Information

    Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 12.3X54-D15 for ACX Series routers.


    Configure DHCPv6 relay options on the router and enable the router to function as a DHCPv6 relay agent. A DHCPv6 relay agent forwards DHCPv6 request and reply packets between a DHCPv6 client and a DHCPv6 server.

    Required Privilege Level

    interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

    interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.


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    Modified: 2016-11-07