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dhcp (DHCP Client)


Syntax (EX Series)

Syntax (SRX Series)

Hierarchy level (EX Series)

Hierarchy level (SRX Series)

Release Information

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 9.0 for EX Series switches.

Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 9.2 for SRX Series devices.

The logical-systems and tenants options are introduced in Junos OS Release 18.4R1.


Configure a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) client for an IPv4 interface for logical systems and tenant systems.

The remaining statements are described separately.


Starting in Junos OS Release 18.1R1, DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 clients are supported on management interfaces (fxp0 and em0) configured in the non-default management routing instance, mgmt_junos.


client-identifier duid-typeIdentify a client by a client-identifier value. This statement is mandatory.
no-dns-installConfigure the DHCPv6 client DNS information.
optionsSpecify options requested by the DHCPv4 client.
force-discoverSend DHCPDISCOVER after DHCPREQUEST retransmission failure
lease-timeSpecify lease time in seconds requested in DHCP client protocol packet (60 through 2147,,483,647 seconds for SRX devices)
metricclient initiated default-route metric (0..255 for SRX Series devices)
requested-optionsSpecify the DHCP options.

The remaining statements are explained separately.

Required Privilege Level

interface—To view this statement in the configuration.

interface-control—To add this statement to the configuration.