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    adjust-threshold-absolute bps;

    Hierarchy Level

    [edit logical-systems name protocols mpls label-switched-path name auto-bandwidth (MPLS Tunnel) ],
    [edit routing-instances name protocols mpls label-switched-path name auto-bandwidth (MPLS Tunnel) ]

    Release Information

    Statement introduced before Junos OS Release 17.4R1 on all platforms.


    Specify in bits per second how sensitive the automatic bandwidth adjustment for a label-switched path (LSP) is to changes in the average LSP utilization.

    The adjust-threshold-absolute statement works in conjunction with the adjust-thresholdstatement, which specifies the change in automatic bandwidth adjustment for an LSP as a percentage.

    By triggering automatic bandwidth LSP resignaling based on absolute change in bandwidth instead of percentage bandwidth change, LSP resignaling can be optimized for both big and small LSPs at the same time.


    bpsChange in average LSP utilization to trigger automatic bandwidth adjustment in bits per second.

    Default: 0 bps

    Required Privilege Level


    Modified: 2018-01-11