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    session (Protocols LDP)


    session session-address {
    authentication-algorithm (aes-128-cmac-96 | hmac-sha-1-96 | md5);
    authentication-key authentication-key;
    authentication-key-chain authentication-key-chain;
    downstream-on-demand downstream-on-demand;
    (mtu-discovery | no-mtu-discovery);

    Hierarchy Level

    [edit logical-systems name protocols ldp],
    [edit logical-systems name routing-instances name protocols ldp],
    [edit protocols ldp],
    [edit routing-instances name protocols ldp]

    Release Information

    Statement introduced in Junos OS Release 17.3R1 on all platforms.


    Configure LDP session parameters by specifying the session destination address.


    session-addressSession destination address.
    authentication-algorithmAuthentication algorithm name.


    • aes-128-cmac-96—Cipher-based Message Authentication Code (AES128) (96 bits).
    • hmac-sha-1-96—Hash-based Message Authentication Code (SHA1) (96 bits).
    • md5—Message Digest 5.
    authentication-keyMD5 authentication key.
    authentication-key-chainKey chain name.
    downstream-on-demandConfigure downstream on demand label distribution mode.
    mtu-discoveryEnable TCP path MTU discovery.
    no-mtu-discoveryDisable TCP path MTU discovery.

    Required Privilege Level


    Modified: 2018-03-23