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    show system snapshot


    show system snapshot<slice (1 | 2 | alternate)>

    Release Information

    Command introduced in Junos OS Release 11.3 for the QFX Series.


    Display the complete collection of files in a snapshot.

    Note: The snapshot function is not supported on QFX10000 switches.



    Display the system snapshot on the alternate media, which is the media that does not have the software packages that last booted the switch.

    slice (1 | 2 | alternate)

    Display the snapshot in a partition:

    • 1—Display the snapshot in partition 1.
    • 2—Display the snapshot in partition 2.
    • alternate—Display the snapshot in the alternate partition, which is the partition that did not boot the switch at the last boot up.

    Required Privilege Level


    List of Sample Output

    show system snapshot slice

    Sample Output

    show system snapshot slice

    user@switch> show system snapshot slice 1
    Information for snapshot on external (da1s1)
    Creation date: Sep 28 15:39:47 2011
    JUNOS version on snapshot:
      jbase  : qfx-11.3-20110922.0
      jcrypto: qfx-11.3-20110922.0
      jdocs  : qfx-11.3-20110922.0
      jkernel: qfx-11.3-20110922.0
      jroute : qfx-11.3-20110922.0
      jswitch: qfx-11.3-20110922.0
      jpfe   : qfx-e9xxx-11.3-20110922.0

    Modified: 2017-05-31